Swimming With Manatees

7:15 AM

Snorkeled with manatees in coral springs, Florida. After searching through canals, we found a few manatees and got out of the boat. Our tour was with www.riverventures.com. They do not guarantee seeing a manatee on this trip, but they try really hard. Ultimately, even on a slow day, we found multiple manatees. Next time we're going to go on a colder day. They told us that the best time to come is morning after a freeze.

The first manatee was large and then we lost it when it went under a passing boat.

The other manatee was grazing on the bottom, whenever it touched ground to eat, it stirred up the already murky water.

They told us that on the tour we had to have pool noodles to make sure we didn't try and dive down.

Price: $64.00 / Each
In the future we will take our own kayaks, but if crunched for time the tour is a time saver.

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